Ashley Nicole — Who is the indie filmmaker? Here’s what you need to know

“Movies are here to entertain us, to inspire, and to move us with cinematic themes and captivating stories. Sometimes sad and sometimes comical that makes us laugh. Who can we thank? The writers and the directors of Hollywood. Especially the little guys who are just starting out!

Ashley Nicole is one of the little guys, she’s an indie filmmaker tackling themes of climate change, Drama, and horror. At just twenty one years old she’s building a name for herself in this competitive world of ours. Although her projects are low budget they make up for it with the storytelling and cinematography.

Especially in one particular film that has been well received by som, “Button Eyes 2021” a short film about a girl who is kidnapped and has her eyes replaced with buttons by her kidnapper. It’s a sort of campfire tale as the film review site The Movie Buff puts it in the article.

A Little About The Director

“Ashley Nicole, Born on July 12, 2000 started making films her college year back in 2019 before the pandemic changed the world and our lives. At first aspiring to become a YouTuber when her very first short film “Project 0” was uploaded to the platform of YouTube, it gained views overnight which she took it as a sign that this was her destiny.

As of 2020 Nicole has been sharing her short films with the world, at film festivals and on the web!

Her films have been selected for multiple festivals such as “Roma short film festival, Paus Premieres film Festival, Cyrus International Film Festival Of Toronto, Serbest International Film Festival, Venice Shorts, Toronto Film Magazine Fest, Kosice International Film Festival.”

Which she won two honorable mentions for her short films Including One Award Winner, “The Story Of Life” and “To Dream Land We Go.”

from a young age, Ashley has been very fond of movies. Growing up as shy kid, but with a very creative mind. Her favorite films include, “Halloween” and many more horror classics.

From when she can remember, movies have been the reason she’s been wanting to become a filmmaker. She states:

her advice to aspiring filmmakers is simple, Think outside the box because that’s where your best ideas are waiting for you! You can watch her short films on her YouTube channel and on the film freeway website along with the streaming platform for short films SOFY TV.”



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