“GHOST IN THE CLOSET”​ a short film focusing on LGBTQ

Ashley Nicole
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Ashley Nicole’s, new short film “Ghost In The Closet” is a film that focuses on a teenage girl contemplating suicide, at the beginning of the film we are met with the character of Audrey writing a letter and proceeding to fold the letter so her parents will see it after she is gone.​

We are then taken to the bathroom where she is seated in the tub looking at a sharp blade in her hand, Nicole has dealt in genres of horror but enjoys Working on drama films from time to tome. The reason this film is important is because it paints a sad picture of a closeted teen trying to decide if it’s worth living in a world where she’ll be discriminated for her sexual orientation.​

Nicole states: “this is one topic that is very important to me, it’s important that we tell the stories of those in the LGBTQ Community.” ​

The short film was released this February but it is currently set to screen on Paus.Tv on March 4, 2022 which is part of the Paus premieres film festival.

Going back to the film we are then met with the ghost who Ashley Nicole plays, and the character of Audrey. The ghost is symbolic. It represents Audrey’s inner voice. And soul as it shows her the way and makes her think twice about her tragic decision.

Let’s talk about the cinematography in ghost in the closet, the cinematography is mostly Dream like in the Dream sequence scene. With soft colors of a pinkish purple hue along with a blurry effect.

“I was inspired by the show Euphoria, it has such beautiful cinematography.”

Now it comes down to the ending, the character of Audrey now has a sense of relief. Seeing how she is unable to change others perspective on her orientation and her as well. Instead she decides to put her plan on hold and decides to embrace her sexuality since it’s part of who she is.

Ghost in the closet is a coming of age short film, focusing on the LGBTQ, along with suicide which is a very serious topic especially in teens.

You can catch the film on YouTube, And soon to be on paus.TV and hopefully on other streaming platforms in the future.



Ashley Nicole

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