Three Creepy Tales — Screening At Horror Realm Con 2022 March 4th

“Three Creepy Tales, is a 2021 horror anthology film written and directed by Ashley Nicole. The short film features three stories, the first one which is about a possessed doll who is not to be looked in the eye! Second story is about a mad dentist that loves extracting rotten teeth. And finally we are met with a killer clown that stalks the night…

It is a campfire tale just like button eyes, although low in budget the storytelling brings everything together. The film is set to screen at Horror Realm Con 2022 in Pittsburg, it’s a convention that has everything for horror lovers! Including special guest appearances. But let’s get back to short film shall we.

Molly Dolly, which is the name of the first story. Was inspired by Nicole’s own fear of a doll, pretty creepy right? Not to mention the Annabelle movies.

“I always had this strange feeling that the doll was watching me, which really freaked me out at times. Even during filming I could feel it’s eyes staring at me.” — Ashley Nicole

Honestly who doesn’t love killer clowns? I’m the last story we are met with Mr.Red! A masked serial killer that targets those who he is envious towards… and is therefore driven to madness.

Nicoles love for horror really shines in this particular short film, as the movie buff puts it,“The film is shot with a chilling tone and great sounds to add to the unease. The red shadowy wash that bathes the production is a brilliant touch. It puts the viewer in a ready state of tension which is precisely the idea.”



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